16 thoughts on “Fear Factory live – A Therapy for Pain – first time ever live! Demanufacture tour 2013”

  1. Just saw the boys in Sydney tonight. Awesome gig! Was the 12th time I’d
    seen FF since 99′, but still the first time I’d heard “New Breed”, “Dog Day
    Sunrise”, “Body Hammer” and obviously it was only the 2nd time they had
    played “At therapy for pain”, which was awesome! Also cool that they played
    “Archetype” for the first time with Dino, and also playing “What will
    Become?”. Burtons vocals were good. He seemed very serious, or stoned
    though, one or the other.

  2. 1:52 Yeahh but I mean I’d like to see someone who’s voice would be in good
    shape after screaming all of Demanufacture. I’m actually quite astonished
    Burt’s clean voice has held up as well as it has after 20+ years of
    growling and screaming.

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