25 thoughts on “Fear Factory – Therapy for pain”

  1. @skrimpshidy well, he is. NIN is Trent reznor, he creates, composes and
    plays everything unless he is on tour, that’s when he hires musicians to
    play with him. You know who else is a genius? Justin K Broadrick, the man
    behind godflesh, techno animal, Jesu & napalm death. I love Industrial and
    FF is one of my favourite bands but I do not disrespect other great bands
    like Ministry KMFDM, PIG and specially NIN. They are all awesome on their
    own style.

  2. love how no 2 fear factory songs sound alike they all sound diff almost
    like each song is by a diff band or something but the 1 thing that isnt
    diff is that they r all awesome

  3. In some strange way, I knew that you meant Type O negative when you were
    talking to “another band”, before I read the comment which you answered…
    And indeed you are right!!

  4. Fear Factory – Therapy for pain(Una terapia para el dolor) en castellano:
    ♫♪Doy la bienvenida a la muerte con los brazos abiertos, su respiración
    suave y gracia simple. Vagando por los recuerdos. Toma mi mano para que yo
    vea. Intenté con tanta fuerza (x2). Ecos de inocentes, ¿están mis
    pensamientos en disidencia? Intenté con tanta fuerza (x4). Cuando por fin
    llegamos al final, ella suelta mi mano, despertando en los reinos de la
    luz. No habrá muerte esta noche. Intenté con tanta fuerza(x4)♫♪)

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