15 thoughts on “Narcissist Fear of Therapy”

  1. When I asked her if she told the therapist “everything”, she replied with
    the classic line: “I only tell her what I want her to know”, which agrees
    with the idea that she is in total control of the situation, and uses the
    therapist as narcissistic supply (being on the same level as a professional

  2. There is a loophole in this that the female narcissist I know used, and is
    probably still using. She read a lot about therapy before she even started
    the sessions (10 years ago), which agrees with the idea that a narcissist
    uses “obscure phrases that only a professional would know” (as Mr. Vaknin
    said in an earlier post).

  3. You are amazing! All my questions have been answered by your videos and
    book which I read in one day! Thank You!! You have helped me so very much I
    have been confused with my relationship for 6 years, not anymore!!

  4. We’re assuming therapists are mature individuals who can be trusted
    emotionally. Many therapists do use gimmicks and lack depth of curiosity
    and good will. Ted Bundy was savvy in psychological lingo and was
    considering becoming one himself! Find that therapist who you sense is your
    friend, and that could be one in a thousand. Then we could have a proper
    discussion about the possibility whether such relationship has human
    integrity for that kind of trust should be awarded the therapist on merit

  5. Does a narcissisats have trouble making up their mind? I had a hard time
    going to fun places. If someone was going to the amusement park I would not
    care to go. I would go, but only went once. Had a lot of fun I would say a
    narssisits should live next to a theme park.

  6. This seems like a very self serving promotion, almost narcissistic.
    Although the analogy with munchawsen is cute and poetic, it is a fairly
    silly application of a physical action (literally picking oneself up,
    impossible paradox) to a psychological process, which doesn’t obey “the
    laws of gravity”. I don’t think therapy is inherently bad, quite the
    opposite. But your assertion that it is necessary is dubious and unproven.
    You display an infantilizing version of the medicalization of the soul.

  7. if you provided some arguments that consider the disorders you describe as
    holding at least a kernel of validity, instead of dismissing them outright,
    it would be more credible and more importantly, more honest and valuable.
    By categorizing “them” versus “normal” people so mundanely and
    intolerantly, your marketing of disorder as something that can be consumed
    and disposed of, in your book, for example, is transparent.

  8. You are escaping the very fact that in that normalcy you can find love, be
    loved, the real deal. I don’t believe that that means not being able to
    include fantasy in your own life or relation itself.

  9. maybe if you were a victim of a narcissist your opinion would be different.
    They might not intend to, but they CAN destroy you, your self worth and
    self confidence, they love themselves too much that you mean nothing more
    than a tool to feed their need for attention and they throw you away the
    moment they feel you dont conform… leaving you feeling cheated and
    destroyed. If they are not heal-able, then facts are facts… no one can
    validate destroying people around them for their own disorder

  10. People can change. If you are in a relationship with one, distance yourself
    very much or cut off if possible–but PEOPLE can CHANGE! It’s the beauty of
    being human! All true change is just a return to LOVE!

  11. Hey Sam… I really love your videos. I just wanted to say that you might
    want to adjust the level of your mic. It tends to max out and distort your
    audio recordings. This will be fixed if you turn down the mic.

  12. This peakock is gay. It’s in his innacurate mouth, slightly twisted mouth,
    and goat-like head boading. I bet he is insecure under the mask of
    authority and absolute knoledge.

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