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  1. Wow… That’s crazy weird.. Afraid of a feather? I’d really like to know
    where that got started. Some sort of bizarre childhood trauma? With birds?
    Or literally a feather just by itself…? :/ Weird.

  2. I used to have a huge phobia of elevators, flying, highs but the doctor at
    the part 3 said it right ‘the fear reaches it’s climax and then just
    becomes smaller and smaller until its gone’.. If i would have to give an
    advice from my expierence- Just do it. The longer you dont confirm your
    fear as an eye to and eye the long and bigger it will get. I was phobic for

  3. @OculiUbique To be fair, her real fear are the birds. The feather is a
    generalised fear she got from her fear of birds. So it would be easier to
    extinguish compared to the overall fear of birds. I think once they start
    working on the bird fear, it’ll take much, much more sessions. And I
    completely agree with your point about the lifestyle shows discussing
    mental illness’. It is always biased and doesn’t explain things as
    accurately as possible. I always refer to these shows as ‘pop psychology’

  4. Some people are lucky not to have any phobias and that can be a big problem
    because they do not understand irrational fear. I personally suffer from
    arachnophobia & hemophobia and i simply cannot get my dad (a lucky,
    phobia-less dad) to understand it. e.g When i see a spider: my pulse races,
    my pupils dialate and I freeze. I know the spider can’t hurt me but my
    reaction is uncontrollable and beyond reason. To this end I understand this
    poor womans phobia, strange as it may be.

  5. I suffer from Selachophobia (Fear of sharks). Even looking at a picture, or
    touching it, I have deep anxiety and a fear that I will be harmed by the
    image. This occurred because during childhood, my father showed me many
    shark films, then tried the “Flooding” technique when he discovered my fear
    of them. He forced me to stare at a shark in an aquarium until I fainted. I
    wont even go to the beach. No phobia should be laughed at, no matter how
    small or how irrational.

  6. No shit. That’s why she got help. Look how well she did too. Imagine being
    in the presence of what you fear most. Scared of spiders? Imagine one
    crawling all over you. Same deal as her touching the feather.

  7. Well yes, I’m afraid of irrational things too, as we all are, but fucking
    feathers? Please this is totally fake! You stupid jack holes who can
    believe than any human being is afraid of feathers, fucking feathers, is a
    huge sucker. Just feel better about yourself because your fears feel less
    fucked up.

  8. you know I have this phobia, and I’m being truly honest. People have
    bullied me saying that they have a feather at school, but now it’s just
    getting annoying. Also, I know I’m not alone. I know this phobia is real,
    and that I’m not alone. Some people may even be afraid of PUPPIES. Sure I
    think it’s weird, but it’s most likely at least one person has it. So
    there, you have your proof.

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