5 thoughts on “Tapping Therapy: Fear of Public Speaking”

  1. I had many fears like fear of public speaking,fear of dark, fear of new
    work, fear of death etc. So, I started researching how to overcome my
    fears. I have an iPhone with me and one day i typed “no fear” in app store
    and you know what? I got an app called “no fear”? by Lokesh Hanumappa. I
    downloaded and using it now. It is really quite cool as it helps me to?
    manage my fears really well. You know, I have already overcome my fearof
    new work. Thought of sharing as a Technological help for all.

  2. Thank you so.much I really enjoyed your video, and I think that this
    information going to help me and another people in the future, I have a
    question, you can use this method with other fears? 

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