2 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg Fear Of Flying Cured The View, part 2 Tapping Therapy for Fear Of Flying”

  1. Don’t get taken in by the “tapping”. hoax. I learned this technique from
    its originator, Roger Callahan, and then tested it with phobia fliers and
    get ZERO results. This “tapping cure” has no scientific basis, other than
    the placebo effect of faith healing. Though Whoopi reported results
    initially, she is still as phobic about flying as ever. If anyone has
    contact with her, tell her to contact me and I will fix the problem. Unlike
    others who offer help with flying, I’ve specialized in this for over thirty
    years as both a licensed therapist and an airline captain, and what I do
    IS backed up by science (read the back cover of my book (SOAR, The
    Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying) and the review by the former
    Surgeon General of the Navy).

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