22 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg treated for fear of flying using TFT on The View, part 1”

  1. I was so looking forward to watching this to help my fear. It’s almost
    impossible to watch or ENJOY with that Elizabeth talking all the time and
    talking over the professionals! Can the end her contract!

  2. Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and all the meridian
    based therapies, easily calm plane phobias quickly and painlessly. These
    techniques belong in every household coping toolbox. It is 5000 year old
    Eastern medicine.

  3. Elizabeth is just doing her job. Good for you View for being open to EFT
    and TFT. I strongly believe in the process and welcome any system that will
    relieve people from suffering!!!

  4. I don’t know if she witnessed it or not, but I think she’s referring to PSA
    Flight 182 which struck a Cessna killing everyone on both planes and 7
    people on the ground. A picture of the plane going down was widely
    published and the aftermath (including scenes of body parts from the crash)
    was featured in a movie called Faces of Death.

  5. Heh I was thinking the exact same thing. Can you imagine getting an earful
    of that, first thing in the morning? She would have me reaching for the
    frying pan

  6. When is Goldberg going to stop her bad mouthing people she doesn’t agree
    with IIt. makes her look so tacky and low class. The names she called Beck
    are disgusting and not fit for a ladies mouth. Then I guess goldberg Is No
    lady. Shape up Goldberg clean up your act. If yu worked for me I’d have
    booted you off the show. There is no accounting for taste.

  7. Elizabeth can be annoying. So annoying that even though she’s attractive I
    see through that and see the annoyance. She would look much better Brunette

  8. i had the same problem that whoopie goldberg had. i was not only afraid of
    flying, but also of hights and got seasick. about 3 years ago i met adi
    assodri, an amazing woman. she helped me to loose all my fears in 3 or 4
    treatments using different tapping techniques like eft and faster eft.
    since then i am flying, sailing, even sleeping and eating on a boat. and, i
    live on 11th floor. and the best thing: you can do it on skype, so not even
    leave your home (or country). try it out!!!

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